Thesis follow-up

Individual Follow-up Committee

The Order of 25 May 2016 on doctoral studies requires an individual monitoring committee to be set up for all doctoral students. In an interview with the doctoral student, the committee assesses the conditions of their training and the progress of their research. It makes recommendations and sends a report on the interview to the doctoral school director, the doctoral student and the thesis director. In particular, he/she takes care to prevent any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment.

The Monitoring Committee must be consulted from the first year of the thesis if the thesis began before 31 January, and from the 2nd year of the thesis for all others. 

ATTENTION: The Monitoring Committee (external member / local member) must be set up BEFORE 30 MAY OF EACH YEAR.

The InfoMaths ED individual monitoring committee is made up of at least one external member (proposed by the thesis director in consultation with the doctoral student and validated by the unit management) and one local member from the laboratory (outside the doctoral student's team) appointed by the unit management. It is strongly recommended that the members of the monitoring committee have the HDR. The doctoral school requires the local member to be an experienced researcher or teacher-researcher from outside the supervisor's team.  The composition of the monitoring committee is indicated in the doctoral student's ADUM file.

The Monitoring Committee holds an interview (videoconference possible) with the doctoral student and his/her thesis supervisor(s) from the first year of the thesis onwards. This interview consists of a maximum 20-minute oral presentation in the presence of the doctoral student's thesis director(s), followed by an interview with the doctoral student alone and an interview with the thesis director(s) alone. The interview lasts a maximum of 1 hour. At least 2 weeks before the interview, the doctoral student must provide each member of his/her monitoring committee with a dossier including :

  • an updated CV containing a list of publications ;
  • a 2-page progress report summarising research work and prospects for the following year;
  • all scientific work produced: publications/communications, pre-publications, internal reports, draft thesis manuscript, etc. 

Following the interview, the members of the monitoring committee must complete the monitoring committee report and send it to the doctoral student and his/her thesis supervisor. The report must be included in the doctoral school's re-registration file and uploaded by the doctoral student to ADUM in the "additional documents" tab.  It is requested that the report not be sent directly to the ED management, except in cases where the opinion of the monitoring committee is reserved or unfavourable.

Nota Bene:

  • The thesis director is responsible for organising the interview.  The deadline for the interview is 30 May of each year.
  • The Doctoral School does not pay for external members of the monitoring committees.
  • The report of the Monitoring Committee must be included in the doctoral student's re-registration file, which will be submitted to the Doctoral School during the re-registration period.