Design, modelling and validation of software and hardware elements for deploying services and protocols into networks and embedded communicating systems.
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Industrial Engineering
Computers in Business

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Storage of complex data
Development of new data mining methods
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Algebra, geometry, logic
PDE analysis
History of Mathematics
Mathematical modeling and scientific computation
Probabilities, statistics, mathematical physics
Combinatorics and Number Theory 
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Parallel and grid computing, networks
Arithmetic of computers, embedded systems
Calculation models and complexity
Semantics of programming languages, computer-assisted proofs
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Images and Videos: segmentation and information extraction
Modeling and augmented reality
Knowledge discovery (data mining, complex systems modeling, knowledge engineering)
Data and services engineering (security and confidentiality, modeling, integration and interrogation, composition of services)
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Data bases and warehouses
Advanced Information Systems Architecture
Analysis and design of information systems
Software engineering; NICT & e-commerce; Techniques and Uses (ERP)
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Dynamic systems
Number Theory
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Inria team.
Viewing neuron-astrocyte pharmacology through digital sciences.

Inria team. Mosaic is part of the RDP laboratory, hosted by the ÉNS of Lyon, France.
Simulation and Analysis of morphogenesis in siliCo.
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