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Special cases

Re-enrollment in D2

Those students who enrolled in their first year of doctoral studies in the academic year N/N+1 after March 1st of the calendar year N+1 are exempted from submitting a complete progress report as outlined above but are nevertheless required to submit a letter specifying the date of first enrollment and their research perspectives for the upcoming academic year, proof of financial support for the subsequent year, the Protocol Signature Page of the Doctoral Charter and the Individual Doctoral Training Agreement.

Enrollment after the 4th year

Enrollment in D5 is now derogatory and can only be authorized in exceptional circumstances. An application for enrollment in D5 must include all the items required for an application in D4 in addition to all documents justifying the reasons for the delay (employer certificate, medical certificate etc ...)

In addition, the letter from your thesis supervisor must justify the reasons for the delay in the thesis work and include a detailed calendar with the expected thesis defense date.

Enrolment in a co-tutelle (joint program)

The candidate must be enroled simultaneously in both participating doctoral programs or graduate schools, even if he or she is not physically in Lyon at that time. However, the enrolment fees are payed to only one institution as stipulated in the signed co-tutelle convention between the partner institutions. 
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Following a CIFRE thesis application to ANRT, the Doctoral School must issue a certificate at the request of the doctoral student / thesis director. To obtain this attestation, write to: and send the information below. Send the documents with a link.
  • Master's transcript
  • Thesis subject
  • Letter from the Director of the host laboratory
  • Name and exact address of the company
  • CV
  • Date and place of birth (not always indicated in the cv)
  • Name of thesis supervisor 
  • Name of potential co-supervisor