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Annual enrolment to the Graduate School

Enrolment in the Doctoral Program is obligatory and must be renewed each year until completion.

During the period of doctoral studies, time is counted in terms of academic  years: A student who enrols in the Doctoral Program  in march of year N finishes their first year of doctoral studies in September of year N.  At this point he must re-enrol to begin the subsequent academic year N/N+1.

Registration to the Doctoral School

The Official registration is done on the SIGED database. An identifier and password will be sent to you via e-mail at the beginning of the registration process in order to connect you to your personal online space. You will need to fill out, as precisely as possible, all of the information requested for your personal  file (source of financial aid, Ph.D. advisor, affiliated research unit, etc.)

Once your online file has been completed, it must be validated by: the thesis director, the laboratory director and the Doctoral School.

In order to validate the registration, all first-year doctoral candidates must also include in their enrollment application a copy of the Ph.D. Charter of the University of Lyon signed by the doctoral candidate, the thesis advisor (and co-advisor if applicable) and the director of the affiliated research unit and the Individual Doctoral Training Agreement which must be jointly filled out and signed by the doctoral student and the thesis director. 

What is SIGED?

SIGED allows you to :
  • Access your file during the entire duration of your doctoral studies.
  • To re-enrol annually to the Doctoral School.
  • To declare on line all activities: courses followed, research training, participation in scientific conferences...
  • To enrol in interdisciplinary courses offered by the Université de Lyon.
  • To enrol in courses aimed for doctoral students and faculty.
  • To access a collaborative site dedicated to doctoral student, a virtual board and message centre  

Enrolment to the Graduate School of your institution

You will receive an e-mail invitation to proceed to the enrolment to the selected institution affiliated to the Doctoral School. Again, via e-mail you will receive details concerning the procedure and relevant deadlines.

Enrolment fees for the doctoral program are to be paid each year to the Graduate School of your institution. These fees are determined each year by a ministerial decree. Additional fees may be added to cover both the cost of health insurance and optional access to sporting activities.

The first enrolment  payment date marks the beginning of your thesis study. In most cases, you will have three years to complete your Ph.D starting from the first date of enrolment.