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InfoMaths Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Doctoral School InfoMaths is to provide its doctoral students the highest level of doctoral training, to enable them to engage in advanced studies and academic and/or professional research, to provide an environment conducive to the progress of their research and to assist the students in realizing a rewarding career plan. To this end, the doctoral school implements a selection criterea of its Ph.D. students which is founded on criterions of excellence and potential.The Doctoral School ensures the quality of doctoral supervision of its students by its affiliated research teams. It ensures
compliance with an implementation of the thesis charter. It ensures that its candidates are able to prepare and defend their thesis in the best conditions,
It promotes scientific and intellectual exchanges between Ph.D. students. It
provides monitoring and defines a support on the employment of teachers.
It provides a European and international connection to higher education institutions and foreign research centers, including the promotion of joint doctoral degrees (doctoral degrees awarded jointly by two participating institutions, including one abroad, under a joint thesis supervision) .