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Thesis defense

The following document contains detailed information on the composition of the Thesis Defense Committee : 

Guidelines for establishing a Thesis Defense Committee for InfoMaths. [PDF - 74 Ko]


The candidate begins by contacting the Doctoral Services administrative office  of his or her institution of enrollement to request an application for a dissertation defense. It is imperative to allow a minimum of 2 months between submitting the application to the Doctoral School and the defense itself. No application will be accepted short of this deadline.

It is therefore very important to take these time constraints into account in scheduling the date of the thesis defense with the potential members of your Thesis Defense Committee. In addition, the affiliated institutions generally require that the dissertation reports be available at least 3 weeks to one month prior to the scheduled defense. Also take note of the holiday closures of the Doctoral School and/or Graduate School.

The application is to be uploaded as a single PDF file to the following address:

The application must contain the following elements :

·         Completed application form (PDF) (available from the Graduate School of your institution: Lyon 1, Lyon 2, INSA …

·         Recommendation letter from the thesis advisor.

·         Letter from the thesis supervisor justifying the choice of the proposed members of the dissertation committee and of the thesis reviewers.

·        An endorsement on the part of the laboratory director.

·         A summary or abstract of the thesis. Put the link regarding your manuscrit.

·         A C.V. of the candidate including a list of publications with the full names of the authors and specifying the type :

o    journal

o    conference proceedings

o    workshop

The application is then examined by the members of the Doctoral School Thesis Commission. Once approved, the application is then signed by the director of the Doctoral School.  At this point, you will receive an e-mail from the Doctoral School Office confirming that your application has been approved and inviting you to pick it up. Once the application has been validated by the doctoral school, it is the applicant's responsibility to return the application to the doctoral services administration of his or her institution (Lyon1, Lyon2, Lyon3, Insa de Lyon, ENS, ECL).