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International mobility

Opportunities for mobility

There are several mobility opportunities for a Ph.D. student :
  • The co-supervisor of thesis, which allows to do a doctorate jointly with another university abroad and to obtain a joint diploma after a single defense,
  • The co-direction of thesis, which permits to carry out research in two universities with two thesis advisors,
  • A scientific  visit to a university or a research center  abroad,
  • Participation in international symposia and congresses.

Financing mobility :

Mobility gives rise to additional expenses (travel, stay, possibly visa and insurance) and therefore requires specific funding.
A longer stay requires seeking out and applying very early, 6 months to 1 year in advance, funding among the many existing programs.
Here are two which finance the "outgoing" and "entering" mobility of PhD students:

• The CMIRA program of the Rhône-Alpes region: Explo'ra Doc and Doc Accueil Doc scholarships reserved for doctoral students. Call in November, closing of applications in December / January. Contact: your accommodation in Rhône-Alpes or the Rhône-Alpes property where you wish to stay.

• The doctoral mobility program PALSE (Program Avenir Lyon-Saint-Etienne). Appeal in June, closing of applications in November. Contact: your doctoral school or the research unit of the University of Lyon where you wish to stay. Link to call for applications for the current year.

Do not hesitate to apply to various programs.