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General overview of the Doctoral School InfoMaths

 The Doctoral School InfoMaths brings together many of the laboratories and researchers in Computer Science and Mathematics in Lyon. Its objective is to offer its doctoral students quality training in research and through research and to assist them in preparing for their professional future careers.

Building on the activities of 8 internationally recognized research laboratories, InfoMaths offers each of its students a rich and supportive research environment. It equally benefits from the variety of scientific resources and connections to  6 affiliated Academic Institutions (Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, EC-Lyon, ENS-Lyon and INSA) thereby providing each of its doctoral students a rich research environment and the best possible conditions for success.

The Doctoral School in numbers

The Doctoral School InfoMaths is:
• 342 Ph.D. students.
• 442 researchers of which 206 have an HDR.
• On average 75 dissertations produced each year.
• 8 research laboratories and 6 affiliated academic institutions.
• Over 784 people working towards the advancement of research in Computer Science and Mathematics.


Organize doctoral training in both computer science and mathematics to ensure the highest level of training in France and abroad and by:
  • providing our doctoral students the best possible conditions for success in their training as researchers;
  • exposing our doctoral students to a rich a variety of scientific courses and professional training opportunities;
  • assuring the highest standards of recruitment and guidance in order to ensure the  best possible level of performance;
  • guaranteeing superior visibility in student development in both academic environments and professional settings;
  • guaranteeing thesis defences of the highest international recognition;
  • facilitating the mobility of our doctoral students;
  • facilitating for our students the recognition of their diplomas in their future academic and/or professional careers;
  • putting in place a variety of intellectually stimulating activities all throughout the doctoral program.