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Individual Doctoral Thesis Committee

The new ministerial decree of the 25th of May 2016 on the doctorate requires the implementation of individual doctoral thesis committees for all doctoral students. Through an interview with the doctoral student and his or her thesis advisor(s), the members of this committee evaluate the quality of the doctoral training and the yearly progress  towards a thesis. It formulates recommendations and transmits a report based on the interview to the director of the doctoral school, the doctoral student and the thesis advisor(s). In particular, it aims to prevent any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment. 

The committee should be solicited from the 1st year, for the doctoral students enrolled before January 31, and from the 2sd year for the others. 

ATTENTION: The Doctoral Thesis Committee (external member / local member) must be done BEFORE 30th MAY EACH YEAR.

Each Doctoral Thesis Committee at InfoMaths is composed of at least one external member (proposed by the thesis advisor and validated by the director of the affiliated research unit) and a local member of the department - outside the doctoral student's teams - (nominated by the director of the affiliated reserach unit). The members of the thesis committee need not have an HDR. The doctoral school requires that the local members be regular facutly members of the department with an active ongoing research program and not belong to the research team of the doctoral student.  The composition of the Doctoral Thesis Committee is visible in SIGED in the doctoral student's file (Thesis tab).

The Doctoral Thesis Committee conducts an interview (possibility by way of videoconferencing) with the doctoral student and his or her thesis advisor(s). This interview consists of an oral presentation by the doctoral student, 20 minutes maximum,  in the presence of the thesis advisor(s), followed by an interview with the doctoral student alone and a period of interview with the thesis advisor(s). The duration of the entire interview is limited to 1 hour in lengthAt least two weeks prior to the interview, the doctoral student must provide each member of his or her Doctoral Thesis Committee a file containing: i) an up to date cv with a complete list of publications; ii) a 2-page report summarizing the research developments and an outline of the objectives for the subsequent year; iii) all his or her scientific production: publications, oral  communications, pre-publications, internal reports, ...

Following the interview, the Doctoral Thesis Committee is required to fill out the report form below and submit it to both the doctoral student and his or her thesis advisor(s).
The report must be included in the student's
application for re-enrolment to the Doctoral School and uploaded as a separate document by the doctoral student to Siged in the tab "complementary documents". It is requested that the report not be sent directly to the Doctoral School, except in case the recommendation of the Doctoral Thesis Committee is either negative or expresses reservations.

Thesis Committee Report Form [PDF - 80 Ko]
Thesis Committee Report Form [DOCX - 21 Ko]

Nota bene:
  • The thesis supervisor is responsible for the organization of the interview. The deadline for the interview is May 30 of each year.
  • The Doctoral School itself does not finance travel for the external members of the Doctoral Thesis Committees.
  • The Doctoral Thesis  Committee report must be uploaded by the doctoral student to Siged in the tab "complementary documents" and included in the student's re-enrolement application which is submitted to the Doctoral School during the re-enrollment period.