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Doctoral courses

How many hours of course work must be taken?

During the preparation of the thesis (estimated at 3 years), each doctoral student must take 100 hours of complementary training.
These courses may be organised by the universities, the Doctoral School, companies, research laboratories, etc....

The different course requirements :

The course work should be divided into Scientific Training (Formation Scientifique or FS) and Vocational Integration Training (Formation à l'Insertion Professionnelle or FIP) with a minimum requirement of at least 30 hours in each of the two categories.  The remaining 40 hours may be allocated freely to either category.

Scientific Training (FS) :

The objective of the Scientific Training (FS)  is to broaden the scientific perspectives and horizons of doctoral students. This includes for example, specialized doctoral level courses, 2nd year masters courses, participation in a course held at a summer school etc... The requests for validation of hours are initiated by the doctoral student directly on Siged. Each request must include a signed declaration from the person responsible for the course specifying the number of hours of participation.

Vocational Integration Training (FIP) :

Each year, vocational training courses are organised and offered to doctoral students in the framework of the thesis.
Other possibilities: setting up a start-up, intellectual property law, management of companies, conducting meetings, academic pedagogy, structure of research in France, setting up of European projects, etc...

Catalog transversal training

Catalog transversal training_Edition 2020-2021

Nota bene : mettings, encounters, représentatives of doctoral students, organisation of seminars, office managers, etc...are not validated as training

Comment trouver et s'inscrire aux différentes formations ?

Courses run by ED InfoMaths :
Additional scientific training is offered by ED InfoMaths.
Science Stories 2021-2022 Module: François LÊ Programme [PDF - 70 Ko]

Courses run by the University of Lyon
The UDL manages registrations for vocational integration training courses.

Formation obligatoire à suivre :
A10 - Ethique de la Recherche - cours en ligne - 15 h
and/or (English version) : A13 - 15h

Training catalogue
accessible from your SIGED account, in addition to the web page

Notes :
The course requirements for the doctoral program are specific to each Doctoral School. Those indicated by the PRES are given only as general guidelines.
Training courses for scientific, technological and industrial dissemination, summer schools and tutorials may, after approval by the Doctoral School, be counted towards FSC or FIP.
A student also has the possibility to validate, upon presentation of an official request, a personal experience with strong “added value”. Example: Presidency of a humanitarian association, participation in scientific awareness campaigns in schools, setting up a start-up …

It is essential, before enrolling in a training course, to receive the Doctoral School’s approval of your choice of training, by sending an email to the Doctoral School Office specifying the program, the number of hours, the intervener (s).

Some basic guidelines:
It is strongly recommended to set up your course work plan at the beginning of your thesis and to carry out the training during the first 2 years.
An endorsement issued by the organism providing the training, will be required by the Doctoral School to validate the hours of course work taken.
An annual review of the training courses taken or in progress should be included in the annual progress report on the research work requested of each doctoral student at the end of the academic year (June) and validated by the Doctoral School Thesis Committee in order to authorize  re- enrolment for the following year.
Exemptions are granted by the Director of the Doctoral School on request in very specific cases (please contact us):
  • Thesis under convention CIFRE
  • Thesis in co-tutelle
  • Long stay abroad (over 2 months)
  • Employed doctoral students
  • Students with special status (eg assistant in a foreign university)
  • Specific cases (disease ...)
  • Copies of correction students (10h)
  • Scientific day of the laboratory: 3h/doctoral student
  • Seminar management: 10h
  • Scientific day of the doctoral school 6h for the organizers