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Obtaining financial aid

Financial aid is given to the doctoral student as a form of remuneration for his / her research work. Funding is sometimes associated with a specific thesis topic proposed by a research unit, and it is up to the doctoral student to take the necessary steps to obtain one. In all cases, the doctoral student can be advised by his / her supervisor.

In order to be admitted and enroled to the Doctoral Program, the candidate must secure a financial aid whose amount is in concordance with the minimum requirement imposed by the affiliated Institution. (For example, a minimum stipend of 1340€ net per month is required for doctoral students enrolled at the University of Lyon 1). The funding must cover the entire duration of the thesis.

There are a variety of funding mechanisms and sources available. Eacg generally gives rise to an employment contract  between the doctoral student and the financing organisation. This means that the Ph.D. student receives a salary and both parties  contribute to the social security.


The different sources of financial aid

The Doctoral Scholarship

The doctoral scholarship is a three-year work contract . It is a contract signed between the doctoral candidate and either a public institution of higher education, or a public research institute. The contract is characterized by, and follows the remuneration guidelines stipulated by a ministerial order.

In order to obtains this type of contract, the doctoral candidate must be recommended by their research unit/laboratory in the annual doctoral scholarship competition.

Within this contract, the doctoral candidate agrees to participate in the activities of the affiliated institution and laboratory. The doctoral student may also participate in a range of complementary activities including teaching duties (64 hours/year), an evaluation mission, spreading scientific and technical knowledge, a value-added research activity (in this last case, 32 days/year).

The CIFRE scheme

The CIFRE scheme (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche/Industrial Convention of Development through Research) connects three partners around a research project: a company or corporation, a doctoral candidate and a research laboratory. The doctoral candidate is recruited and paid a salary by the corporation for a minimum of three years under a private contract. During this three-year period, they will begin a full-time research project on a subject of interest to all three participating parties. The corporation is subsidised by the ministry in charge of higher education. The salary may not be less than 23 484€ (gross/year).

Financial aid through research organisations

Many research organisations provide financial aid to support a doctoral thesis. You may familiarise yourself with the possible funding sources through the web-sites of the different organisations.
Click on the “More information” link  below for an exhaustive list of other funding opportunities.

ATER positions

A temporary teaching and research position, or ATER, is sometimes available to doctoral student in their last year in the program. These positions are primarily intended for doctoral candidates in the last year of thesis work (the candidate must commit to completing a thesis before the end of the year (re-newable one time for a year), or for civil servants in training and development. They consist in a teaching obligation to be carried out at the affiliated institution, either full-time (193 hours EQ TD), or part-time (96 hours EQ TD).

Financial aid for foreign students

Certain governments offer financial aid to their nationals either through the embassies or via foundations. Doctoral candidates must address themselves directly to these entities to find out the application process and requirements.

If you are in possession of one of these scholarships, and are wishing to complete a Ph.D. at one of the participating research laboratories of the Doctoral School, then you should contact the Doctoral School Office.

To find out about the financial aid possibilities available for a foreign doctoral candidate, consult the website of Campus France. After choosing your country of origin on the website, you will get access to all the information concerning the main sources of financial aid available to you and the agreements that exist between your country and France.

Other finacial resources

If you already have a salary (ex. hospital worker) then you are considered to be already receiving  financial aid. Your responsibilities associated with this salary must be compatible with the completion of your doctorate within a time frame acceptable by the Doctoral School.  For additional information, please contact the Doctoral School Office.