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APPLY for a Ph.D.

Admission to the Doctoral program requires rigorous preparation prior to submitting one's application. For most, this preparation begins during the last year of the Masters program. Your admission to the program is contingent on a thorough and complete application. Applying to the doctoral program should also involve interacting with the Doctoral School and the relevant research unit and  understanding the priorities of the admissions committees. Below you will find all of the necessary steps to prepare and submit an application.

Conditions required for admission to the Doctoral program:

- Be in possession of a Master 2, or its equivalent, with an average grade of 12/20 or higher.
- Ability to justify a prior experience in research.
- Have identified a well focused thesis topic of research.
- Have identified a thesis director.
- Have financing in place.

Financing refers to the stipend the doctoral candidate receives for his research activities. To be admitted to the doctoral program, you must justify that your stipend is in concordance with the minimum requirement imposed by the affiliated Institution. (For example, a minimum stipend of 1340€/month is required for doctoral students enrolled at the University of Lyon 1). In most cases, your  research unit  will assist you in obtaining the requisite financing.

► More information on obtaining financial aid

Once the research topic of your thesis has been determined and a thesis advisor identified,  the candidate may submit an application to the Doctoral School. The school will decide the admissibility of the candidate based on various pedagogical criteria (the candidate’s motivation,  prior academic performance, geographical mobility…). Additionally, administrative requirements will also apply (diplomas obtained, the candidate’s knowledge base and preparation to undertake the chosen research project…).
The pre-registration file needs to be sent to the Doctoral School’s Secretary and must include all of the pre-requisite documents.

Once admitted to the Doctoral Program, the candidate can proceed to the registration process and finalise their enrolment to the Doctoral Program.

You will receive an e-mail, from the Secretary of the Doctoral School, with an access code to the SIGED database. This is the server which collects all of your personal data (address, thesis project, thesis director, financing…). All the requested information must be carefully and thoroughly completed. With a few clicks this database allows your thesis advisor, your laboratory director, and the Doctoral School Administration to validate and confirm your registration.

Once validated, you may print your registration form and present it to the Graduate School of your affiliated institution (Lyon 1, Lyon 2, INSA-Lyon, ECL-Lyon, ENS-Lyon) in order to process your annual enrolment and pay your first annual registration fee. All subsequent annual registration fees are also payed to the Graduate School of your home institution. The first payment dates marks the beginning of your enrolment to the Doctoral Program, and in most case from this date you have 3 years  to complete your doctorate.