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Financial Support from the DS

Financial support:

Travel related support for doctoral students :

Request for travel support is made directly to the Doctoral School Office by sending an e-mail request with all the necessary information and a justification for the request.

Tickets: Once your travel request has been approved by the Doctoral School, you will be requested to provide the necessary  travel details (dates / train and / or flight times) in order for the Office to proceed with the purchase of the tickets.

However, under special circumstances, you can request permission to purchase your tickets yourself and then be reimbursed. In this case, the costs must be specified in the application and the supporting documents (original invoices) must be submitted for reimbursement.

Travel related support for a member of the Dissertation Defense Committee:

The ED has a policy of encouraging the internationalisation of Dissertation Defense Committees. Subject to budgetary constraints, the Doctoral School may participate in covering the travel expenses for one international member of the dissertation committee.  Again, an e-mail request must be submitted directly to the Doctoral School Office with an estimation of the cost.